Week 2

Mountain climbing fitness challenge

This week we are setting you a 'super' fitness challenge, where we want you to be your own hero!

Looking after your own body and mind is a great way to stay healthy whilst at home. Although we can't climb mountains and get out and about - this week's activity is about climbing your stairs at home.

Over the next five weeks, right up until the Superhero sleepover, we're challenging you to climb the stairs at home (or when out on your daily exercise)

If you complete an average of 50 flights of stairs a day you will have climbed the equivalent of the four highest peaks in Great Britain. How many will try and climb during the next 5 weeks?

Download the activity tracker, stick it to your fridge, fill it in as you go and keep us updated on your progress by sending pictures and videos of your participation to heroes@braintreedistrictscouts.com